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Cyber-crime: the fastest growing industry today

I said in the About page that cyber-crime is one of the few reall growth industries around today – it’s growing at an extraordinary rate both in sophistication and volume of attacks.

As the owner of a WordPress website design and development agency I have a keen interest in ensuring that the sites i build are as secure as they can be against hackers. The problem is that moniotring the security of a website is not a ‘one and done’ affair..! It requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance and updating of the software on the site.

So the things I’ll be talking about and covering on this site include:

  • Tools you can use that will help you keep your site secure and to recover when it’s hacked
  • New cyber-crime attack vectors (types of attack)
  • Settings you should use on your WordPress site to strengthen its resistance to hackers
  • Steps you can take to protect yourself as you work or surf online

Don’t be afraid to ask…

At the bottom of each article will be a box through which you can ask me anything related to the article – if I need to clarify any of the points, or when you disagree with a position I’ve taken!

Understanding the cyber-crime environment and the risks you’re facing is essential to being able to mitigate those threats and keep your site safe.

And if you have a question that’s not related to the article, then head over to the Contact page, where you can email, call or Whatsapp me – whichever you feel most comfortable with.

So that’s it for now. I’ll be posting 1 or 2 articles a week, so do bookmark the site if you’re keen to keep abreast of security related issues as they relate to WordPress websites (or blogs).