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Have You Activated Two-Factor-Authentication Yet?

Adding Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA), also sometimes called Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA), to your WordPress login page exponentially increases your website’s resistance to brute force attacks. Why use two factor authentication? Two factor authentication adds a second security element that needs to validate before access to your website is allowed. That makes three factors in all:Your usernameYour passwordThe time-sensitive… Read more

Graphic of a hacked website

This is the third in my series ‘How do Websites Get Hacked’. The first one dealt with theft and misuse of usernames and passwords and the second one dealt with software vulnerabilities. In this one we will look at Third Party Integrations. What are third party integrations? In WordPress terms: plugins and themes. Plugins One… Read more

Are HTTPS Websites Secure?

I saw an interesting discussion in a forum recently, during which it was asserted that once you move your website to HTTPS it becomes secure. But… Just because a website is running on HTTPS that does not mean it is secure. The only thing that an HTTPS website does is to protect the data that… Read more

Re-used password wraning

I use the same password on all my accounts – I can’t remember different passwords for each one A recent survey done by SecureAuth Corp and Wakefield Research found that 81% of the people interviewed used the same password on more than one account. That number rose to 92% among Millennials, 36% of whom also… Read more